Monday, February 28, 2011


I had lofty goals today. I was planning to get off of work at my normal time, go to the grocery store, get gas, put in some laundry, hop on the treadmill, and then whip up a from scratch meal I had been dreaming about all day from the Pioneer Woman.

Instead, I ended up staying late working a 10 hour day then having to run some errands when I'm wanting to go home and I'm hungry! There goes my lofty goals for this afternoon :(

Also, now my confession. Occasionally we will have this for dinner:

That's right. Not exactly a "whole food" but if you get a thin crust with light cheese it's less than 500 calories for half of a medium. I ate some carrots and cranberries too for some nutrients :) And you can get two medium pizzas for $5.99 each. Also, there is a domino's within walking distance to our apartment so that makes up for not getting on the treadmill right? (sigh)

Oh, and I also have to confess that I love the pizza tracker.

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