Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Follow-up Part 1: Broccoli Gruyere Gratin

For Thanksgiving this year we substituted a new Broccoli recipe, which I found here:

This substituted our usual velveeta cheese/ritz cracker/butter recipe, circa 1984 or earlier.

While definitely more of a "whole food" and gourmet type recipe, I was a little disappointed. When I was making it the day before the roux for the cheese sauce was absolutely beautiful and amazing - I would probably just use that by itself. However, after it was baked, it tasted like it needed more cheese (it just tasted milky) and definitely less milk - It was kind of "soupy" when I served it. Also, it could use some breadcrumbs or something like that on top for a special Thanksgiving-worthy "crunch".