Sunday, October 3, 2010


I don't know about you, but I love sandwiches. (Please refer to one of my childhood favorites, The Sandwich Song.) I could probably eat a sandwich for every meal during the day and be happy.

On Sundays The Husband is usually wanting a very filling lunch (e.g., takeout Chinese). I just wanted a sandwich! The Husband is not too fond of sandwiches, unless they are something special. Today for lunch we compromised (and saved a lot of money and calories) by making a sandwich that was inspired by one of my favorite sandwiches at The Diplomat Deli in Hoover, AL. We were not disappointed :)

For each sandwich:
-2 slices toasted whole wheat bread
-smear of ripe avocado
-alfalfa sprouts (Publix didn't have any so we used bean sprouts, and they were just fine)
-chopped tomato
-thick sliced cream Havarti cheese
-2 slices of maple glazed deli turkey
-2 slices of maple cured bacon (mmmm)
-1 chopped hardboiled egg

It was delicious. Next time I will make sure I set out the cheese a bit before assembling to bring out the full flavor. I am thinking this sandwich will be our go-to "Dagwood".

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