Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Typical Work Week

I am sometimes asked what I will eat during a typical work week. Well, in making this list I realize I eat out more than I (or my pocketbook) would like - but sometimes it's necessary. I am also very aware that I have a sweet tooth - I definitely depend on that something sweet to help me through the work day.

Monday Lunch:
Monday lunch will probably be something leftover I made on the weekend - this past weekend it was Pasta e Fagioli. Yum! If I pack my lunch I usually include craisins or a banana and a piece of dark chocolate.

Monday Dinner:
Lately I've been crazy about these steak tips in peppered mushroom gravy over whole wheat noodles with a side of broccoli. Whenever I cook, I always cook large enough portions to make at least 2 meals for the 2 of us out of it. If I get on the treadmill after work I'll treat myself to some Talenti Roman Raspberry sorbet! Just kidding... I'll eat it either way.

Tuesday Lunch:
Uh oh... Chick-fil-a sandwich (fried when I'm naughty, grilled when I'm good) on a wheat bun with a side salad with half the packet of Caesar dressing and a half sweet/half unsweet tea.

Tuesday Dinner:
Leftover beef tips! Talk about a quick and easy dinner.

Wednesday Lunch:
Out to eat again... one of my favorite places isLyn's Gracious Goodness. The best part is I can walk there from my main office and get something healthy! My favorite: Mediterranean chicken salad with a side of fruit salad, and if I'm feeling like I need a Wednesday pick-me-up, the fudgy tart :)

Wednesday Dinner:
If I go out to each for lunch, I will probably make something light for dinner - possibly an avocado tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat with fruit and vegetable juice.

Thursday Lunch:
Drive home to eat cheese & crackers, carrots, craisins, and chocolate. I love how they all start with "C".

Thursday Dinner:
Possibly my Stir Fry of if the hubby wants it, we'll sometimes get the frozen organic pizzas from publix.... white spinach pizza for me, meaty Italian for him. We've also been kind of crazy about made-from-scratch mac&cheese with lots of veggies (our own vegetable plate).

Friday Lunch:
Leftovers from yesterday night

Friday Dinner:
It's date night, go out to eat!

I don't talk about breakfasts here because my breakfasts are usually a consistent pattern. I talk about them here!

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